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Gain Asset Protection & Privacy

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Gain Asset Protection & PrivacyBearer Shares are not subject to the guidelines of common shares because ownership is never recorded. When ownership of an STC is not disclosed, it is virtually impossible for creditors of an individual to obtain any company information. A person seeking a judgment against a shareholder of an STC must have proof the individual has interest in the company. Foreign judgments usually stop at the Swiss border. Proof of the judgment must be provided to a Swiss court, and only then will a determination be made as to whether the offense is a violation of Swiss law. Clients are able to consolidate family trusts and assets in one location while making the duties of the trustee less risky; with an STC, the Company, not its director or trustee, is responsible for any financial transgressions.

Client Example:
An Irish citizen living in the UK with substantial private wealth distributed internationally expressed the following needs:

  • Substantial privacy and asset protection for personal assets including gold, real estate and personal property.
  • Secure structure to manage family wealth across future generations; secure structure to act as custodian for business interests.
  • Obtain professional administrative representation without ceding control of assets to manager of the trust.

* With the acquisition of an STC established in 1972 in Zug, Switzerland, he was able to immediately:

  • Gain unparalleled protection through bearer shares and favorable Swiss privacy legislation.
  • Benefit from the company”s ability to manage multiple accounts to provide for various family interests without threat of loss of assets due to family dispute.
  • Establish himself and wife as the primary signatories and directors of the assets while benefiting from the relationships and knowledge of Swiss representation.