Swiss Trust Companies
A Private Acquisition for the Discerning Entrepreneur

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STCs are unique business tools that allow each owner or shareholder to implement an exact model according to personal preferences and strategies. There are a few universal benefits to be obtained through acquisition.

Secure asset protection and privacy

  • Structure ownership through Bearer Shares.
  • Utilize Swiss privacy guarantees.

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Obtain correspondent banking relationships

  • Ease of interaction with various international markets, including a strong European presence.
  • Facilitate FOREX trading.
  • Collateralize assets.

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Access SWIFT, Euroclear, Clearstream or ACH facility

  • Easily transfer funds through various international markets and currency.
  • Facilitate FOREX trading.

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Provide international financial management

  • Accept funds & raise capital.
  • Distribute funds to various markets.
  • Increase ability to engage in trust service activities.
  • Provide management contracts for portfolio managment.

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Issue financial instruments

  • Letters of Credit.
  • Safe Keeping Receipts.
  • Promissory Notes.
  • Loans.

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Authorities Of A Swiss Trust Company

A Swiss Trust Company is authorized, but not limited to, conduct the following business activities.

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