Swiss Trust Companies
A Private Acquisition for the Discerning Entrepreneur

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A small group of private trusts and fiduciary companies have joined the elite connected to the major financial transfer systems such as SWIFT, Euroclear and Clearstream. Through membership in these organizations, a relatively small, private financial organization can establish itself within the banking and securities system and affect a wire transfer as quickly as Bank of America or Oppenheimer.

An STC can obtain direct membership in these organizations in a relatively small time frame. If a client needs facilities immediately, a correspondent account can created that allows for access at a very low fee.

Client Example:
The owner of a Panamaniam FOREX brokerage expressed the following needs that his current offshore company could not provide:

  • Obtain less costly access to SWIFT.
  • Acquire in a high-profile jurisdiction to facilitate international business and obtain correspondent accounts with ease.
  • Provide for management of family assets and estate planning.
  • Obtain privacy and protection of assets through an offshore structure.

* Through acquisition of an STC established in 1989 in Zurich, Switzerland, he gained these advantages immediately:

  • Obtain an institution that immediately provides for a participant SWIFT membership.
    • – Original: Processed 10 transfers per week @ $1,600 a transfer; Totaling approximately $64,000 per month.
    • – After Acquisition: Processed transfers @ $30 each; totaling approximately $1,200 per month; Savings of $62,800 per month, $753,600 per year.
  • Set up subaccounts for management of family and personal funds separate from business considerations.
  • Gain unparalleled asset protection through the use of bearer share certificates and favorable Swiss privacy regulation.