In order to conduct business, people need to be assured that the business they are working with is operating in a regulated, legal fashion that promotes ethically sound growth. This is a constant struggle for offshore companies. When lacking credibility, offshore companies are often met with reluctance from business partners and can’t effectively implement their business plan.

But in Switzerland, all this is different. The World Economic Forum’s “Global Competitiveness Report” currently ranks Switzerland as having the most competitive economy in the world. What gives this relatively small nation the ability to compete on the global scale?

  • Social peace and political stability
  • Leading economy with currency and price stability
  • International banks focusing on anonymity
  • First-rate infrastructure
  • High product and service quality and productivity
  • World-renowned universities and technical institutes

Social Peace and Political Stability

With 6.7 million inhabitants, 16% of which are foreign citizens, Switzerland has a truly cosmopolitan population with most professionals able to speak working English. Founded in 1848, Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world, and for the last 30 years, its main political parties have existed in a coalition to assure balance, neutrality and free enterprise.

Leading Economy

Switzerland is known around the world as an unparalleled banking destination. This stems from free trade and commerce, a strong work ethic, technical skills and sheer entrepreneurial spirit. The last few decades have seen strong economic growth, low inflation, high capacity utilization, modernization of technology, productivity gains and ever-increasing wages and salaries.

Banks Focusing on Anonymity

For over 100 years, our banks have been known for security and anonymity. They now manage about ⅓ of all privately invested funds around the world, with most coming from foreign investors. Anonymity goes far back here in Switzerland, and is much more than just a way to attract new investors. Switzerland’s financial market works hard to meet international standards while still maintaining the many unique aspects that made it a global player in the first place.

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