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A Swiss Trust Company can carry out a huge array of money management tasks. The consistent use of third-party services costs time, money and valuable anonymity for companies and their clientele. By managing your company’s wealth offshore, it is exempt to regulation from its domestic government, thus eliminating the need for third-party tasks such as:

  • Creating working capital via the acceptance of funds from various investors and/or clients
  • Distribution of funds to where they are needed around the world
  • Creating sub-accounts in order to manage multiple funds from a single source

Real-World Example:

Imagine an international wealth manager who has several real estate investments expresses the following needs:

  • Obtain an organization to hold and secure real estate
  • Leverage real estate for additional capital
  • Offer investors safer assets, transfers and anonymity

Through acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company, they would be able to recognize the following results within one week:

  • Create an offshore holding company protecting all financial assets and real estate
  • Leverage assets and create strategic banking relationships
  • Increased privacy through multiple sub-accounts and bringing all wire transfer services in-house
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