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Correspondent banks hold physical deposits owned by other banks. When matched with operational know-how and the good graces of a well-established Swiss Trust Company, almost all major international banks, brokerages and insurance companies will recognize the arrangement, which is not easily done through lower quality relationships.

Some of the advantages of a correspondent banking relationship include access to SWIFT, Euroclear or Clearstream at a fraction of the cost as well as the collateralization of assets for increased capital.

Real-World Example:

Imagine you are an international payments processor incurring high bank fees, and you express the following needs:

  • Direct access to financial systems
  • Ability to route funds without the use of a third party
  • Authority to process credit, debit or ACH transactions to cut costs

Within one month of the acquisition, a Swiss Trust Company will be able to:

  • Access SWIFT, Euroclear or Clearstream licensing and establish a correspondent banking relationship where you can use your license immediately
  • Process money wires and transfers without third parties
  • Cut bank fees by using credit, debit and ACH facilities through a Swiss Trust Company and processor
    • Before: Limit of $1M per month, or approx. 2,000 transactions of $500 each
    • After: $3.4M per month, or approx 6800 transactions of $500 each via unlimited processing and multiple banks
    • Profit: $2.4M more per month at a 1.88% markup
    • Increase of $43,200 per month, or $518,400 per year
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