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By acquiring a Swiss Trust Company, a client can begin issuing Letters of Credit, Safe Keeping Receipts, Promissory Notes, Loans and a vast variety of other instruments. Depending on a company’s business model, these could be used to reduce fees for personal gain, or be passed on to clients at a charge.

If a client requires an instrument with a higher investment-grade rating, they may use a correspondent banking relationship to obtain these services at a substantially lower cost and in a faster timeframe than using traditional means.

Real-World Example:

Imagine a client specializing in R&D for gold mines expresses the following business needs:

  • Deposit gold into a bullion bank in return for SKRs
  • Start leveraged lines of credit using hard assets
  • Increase capital by monetizing in-ground assets

Through acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company, they would be able to implement a business plan in the first 3 months that encompasses:

  • Hold the value of assets issued from a company in the form of SKRs
  • The ability to borrow up to 80% of their assets’ value
  • The ability to monetize up to 5% of in-ground, non-producing assets
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