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Gain Asset Protection & PrivacyBearer Shares are not governed by the same rules as regular shares because the owner is not on record. It is therefore extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a company’s information to then be discovered by an individual’s creditors. Any judgements must contain proof that the shareholder has a stake in the company. Judgements from outside of Switzerland generally end at the border, and a judgement on whether or not any action is against Swiss law must be decided in a Swiss court. Clients can consolidate family trusts and assets into one, singular location while making the company itself, not a director or trustee, responsible for any financial misgivings.

Real-World Example:

Imagine a wealthy Irish citizen is living in the United Kingdom while their wealth is distributed all around the world. Now say they express the following desires:

  • Anonymity and protection for everything from gold to real estate
  • Ability to manage that wealth into future generations
  • Ability for the family to act as custodians for business interests
  • Professional representation without giving total control to the trust’s manager

With the acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company, they would be able to:

  • Receive unparalleled protection via Bearer Shares and anonymity
  • Manage multiple accounts and family interests without the threat of losing any portion to domestic disputes
  • Name their primary signatories and directors while benefiting from Swiss know-how and representation.
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