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Swiss Trust Companies are authorized to conduct these, and other, business activities:

  • Loaning money
  • Opening any type of bank account, including trust and escrow, anywhere in the world
  • Offering fiduciary services around the world
  • Participation in life insurance, fixed or variable annuities, life settlement policies, and credit insurance
  • Acquisition, development, holding, selling, trading, exchanging, and/or disposing mortgages of real property, precious metals, and/or natural resources
  • Engaging in general leasing business, franchising, money funds, mutual funds, formation of general limited partnerships and real estate investment trusts
  • Acting as a holding company for banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, small business investments, corporations and stock brokerage firms
  • Obtaining reinsurance for political risk/trade and premium financing
  • Signing of any commercial paper, debt obligation, bonds, stocks, securities, subscription agreements, and any other document as evidence of debt or agreement
  • Acting as Natural Persons
  • Acting as Attorney-in-Fact
  • Acting as Officers, Agent, Employees
  • Making Contracts
  • Creating Agencies and Joint Ventures
  • Investing
  • Dealing in Goodwill
  • Donating
  • Guarantees
  • Acting as a Trustee
  • Acting as Investment Advisor
  • Acting as Consultant
  • Dealing in Securities and Commodities Brokerage
  • Inventory Financing
  • Dealing in Shipping
  • Creating Correspondent Banking Relationships
  • Collections
  • Holding Patents
  • Making Acquisitions
  • Registering in Foreign Countries
  • Selling Annuities
  • Reinsurance
  • Counter Insurance
  • Creating or setting aside a special fund outside of the company
  • Selling Endowments
  • Acting as Pension Advisor
  • Dealing in Insurance Brokerage
  • Providing insurance that protects employer’s principals from worker injury, related liability, fraud by agents acting on their behalf, breach of trust agents, and private sureties by agents
  • Providing insurance against injury, damage, accidents, theft, burglary, fire, lightning and misadventures of any kind
  • Providing health insurance, automobile insurance, mortgage insurance, performance bond insurance, marine insurance, surety bond insurance, completion bond insurance, and investment insurance
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