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Select private trusts and fiduciary companies now have access to the same financial transfer systems used by the major players. A Swiss Trust Company can help a relatively small, private financial institution gain access to this elite group, including SWIFT, Euroclear and Clearstream, in a relatively short amount of time and at a very low fee.

Real-World Example:

Imagine the owner of a Panamanian FOREX brokerage has the following requests that their current offshore company can not provide:

  • Cheaper access to SWIFT
  • Acquisition in a high-profile jurisdiction in order to conduct international business and simplified use of correspondent accounts
  • Manage family assets and estate plans
  • Safer assets and anonymity via offshore structuring

Through acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company, they would immediately gain the following advantages:

  • Acquire an organization that can quickly obtain SWIFT membership.
    • Before: Process 10 transfers per week at $1,600 per transfer, totaling approx. $64,000 per month
    • After: Process unlimited transfers at $30 per transfer, totaling approx. $1,200 per month. This is a savings of $62,800 per month,
      or $753,600 per year
    • Create sub-accounts for managing family and personal funds apart from business considerations
    • Safer assets through Bearer Shares and Swiss anonymity laws
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