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Swiss Infrastructure

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Swiss InfrastructureOffshore companies are in a constant struggle for credibility. Credibility is assurance that a business is operating in a regulated, legal fashion to promote growth ethically. Without credibility, offshore companies meet reluctance from business partners and cannot implement a business plan effectively.

Switzerland is an internationally recognized financial jurisdiction. The World Economic Forum’s “Global Competitiveness Report” currently ranks Switzerland’s economy as the most competitive in the world. A number of factors contribute to this relatively small nation’s ability to compete on the global scale:

  • Social peace and political stability.
  • A leading economy with currency and price stability.
  • Highly professional international banks that focus on privacy.
  • First-rate infrastructure.
  • High productivity combined with high product and service quality.
  • First-class and world-renowned universities and technical institutes.

Social Peace & Political Stability

Though relatively small, Switzerland has 6.7 million inhabitants. 16% of those living in Switzerland are foreign citizens, pointing to the cosmopolitan nature of the population. While the four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansch, most professionals speak working English. Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world, established in 1848. For the last thirty years, the federal executive has consisted of a coalition between the country””s main political parties, assuring balance neutrality and free-enterprise.

A Leading Economy

Switzerland is internationally recognized as a premier banking center largely due to its strong foundation of freedom of trade and commerce, strong work ethics, technical knowledge and entrepreneurial talent. Economic development through the last few decades has been marked by strong growth against a background of low inflation, high capacity utilization, modern technology, high productivity and relatively high wages and salaries.

Banks That Focus On Privacy

Swiss banks have sustained a tradition of asset management and financial privacy for more than one hundred years. Emerging as a prominent global trend around the Second World War, Swiss banks now manage about one third of all privately invested assets worldwide. Two-thirds of this approximately US $ 1 trillion is from foreign investors. Swiss bank secrecy is the result of centuries of tradition, not just a current ploy to attract capital. Swiss government and financial regulators have worked to comply with international standards while maintaining the steadfastly private, free economy that made it a global player.