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Evolution Of Swiss Trust Companies

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Evolution of Swiss Trust CompaniesA Swiss Trust Company (STC) is a hybrid corporate entity that will likely have its origins as a Family Trust or an IBC (International Business Corporation) many years ago. Most are dormant and the previous activities are of little or no consequences since there are no assets or liabilities. What is of importance is that at some point the entity went through a conversion to a Non-Banking Financial Institution. All Swiss Trust Companies are established by taking an older corporate entity, renaming it, changing the Articles of Association and then finally getting approval from the appropriate Swiss Canton. This is a very detailed process that usually takes months of filings and work. Again, the previous activity has no bearing on the current capabilities of the entity but the age of the entity can be of importance which is explained in some detail later. All NonBanking and Banking Corporate Entities throughout the world follow a similar process and start initially as a corporation. It is important to note that this entity cannot be referred to as a bank, reiterate it is not a tax shelter, and finally that the STC is not a means to circumvent the banking laws of any country.

The broad range of authority granted to Swiss Trust Company is one of the main attractions for business owners. Very few corporate entities anywhere encompass the range of potential activities that this entity can. Please keep in mind that the STC must be appropriately capitalized prior to engaging in any specific activity.

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