Swiss Trust Companies
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Provide International Financial Management

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An STC, as a financial institution, is capable of carrying out a wide variety of money management tasks. Constantly utilizing third-party services costs time, money and valuable privacy for firms and their clients. Managing private wealth offshore exempts a firm from regulation from the domestic government and, with ownership of an STC, greatly eliminates the need for a third party for tasks such as:

  • Accepting funds from investors or clients to create working capital.
  • Distributing funds as needed to various markets world-wide.
  • Establishing subaccounts to manage multiple funds from one location.

Client Example:
An international wealth manager with multiple real estate investment concerns expressed the following needs:

  • Acquire an institution to hold and protect real estate.
  • Connect with appropriate banking institutions to leverage real estate for increased capital.
  • Offer privacy and protection of assets to investors to accept and move funds seamlessly.

* With the acquisition of an STC established in 1948 in Zug, Switzerland, the client was able to recognize the following results within one week:

  • Obtain an offshore holding company to protect all real estate and financial assets.
  • Establish strategic banking relationships for leveraging of assets and money management.
  • Offer non-disclosure of investments to clients through multiple subaccounts while bringing wire transfer services in house to increase privacy.