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Obtain Correspondent Banking Relationships

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A correspondent bank holds physical deposits owned by other banks. When combined with experienced administration and the goodwill of an established STC, most major international banks, brokerages and insurance companies will welcome correspondent relationships, which are not easily formed on behalf of organizations established in jurisdictions of a lesser quality and reputation.

A correspondent banking relationship serves many purposes ranging from use of SWIFT, Euroclear or Clearstream at a minimal cost to collateralizing assets for increased capital.

Client Example:
An international payments processor incurring high bank fees expressed the following needs:

  • Direct access to financial systems.
  • Ability to route funds without the use of a third party.
  • Authority to process credit, debit or ACH transactions to cut costs.

* With the acquisition of an STC established in 1969 in Zurich, Switzerland, within one month he accomplished the following:

  • Acquire the capability to obtain SWIFT, Euroclear or Clearstream licensing; establish a strategic correspondent banking arrangement to use licenses immediately.
  • Gain ability to process transactions, such as money wires and transfers, without a third party.
  • Establish the use of credit, debit and ACH facilities through a Swiss Trust Company and a processor to substantially cut bank fees.
    • – Original: Limited to $ 1M/month or about 2,000 transactions of approximately $500.
    • – After Acquisition: Unlimited processing using multiple banks.
    • – Now processes 6,800 transactions @ approx. $500 or a total volume of $3.4M per month.
    • – Profit: Now processes $2.4M more per month @ mark-up of 1.88%.
    • – Increased profit of $43,200 per month; $518,400 per year.