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Issue Financial Instruments

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Issue Financial InstrumentsThrough the acquisition of an appropriate STC a client will be able to issue a wide array of financial instruments. Depending on the business model, these instruments may be provided for personal use to reduce typical bank fees, or they may be distributed to clients at a fee. An STC may issue Letters of Credit, Safe Keeping Receipts, Promissory Notes, loans and a variety of other instruments.

If the client requires another form of instrument, or needs an instrument from a large bank for a higher investment-grade rating, the client may utilize correspondent banking relationships to obtain these services at a low cost and much quicker than traditional means.

Client Example:
A client in the research and development of gold mines expressed the following business needs:

  • Establish a bullion bank to deposit gold from clients in return for SKRs.
  • Create leveraged credit lines using the hard asset.
  • Monetize in-ground assets for increased capital.

* With the acquisition of an STC established in 1968 in Zurich, Switzerland, the client implemented a business plan in his first three months encompassing:

  • Holding the value of assets in return for SKRs issued directly from company.
  • Gaining the ability to borrow up to 80% of the value of the assets.
  • Monetizing up to 5% of in-ground, non-producing assets.