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Meet our Associates

As an International Business Advisory, we offer you this cutting edge business tool with corporate asset protection benefits in a turnkey package which will save you time and money. Take advantage of our expertise and well-vetted professional / fiduciary contacts. We have done all the leg work for you and remain an invaluable source of global professional contacts that you can count on for peace of mind which will ensure that your business endeavors have the best opportunity for success and remain compliant. Our representative offices in Zurich and several other Swiss locations are specifically designed to accommodate the clients of Corb7 International that wish to establish an administrative base in Switzerland and the surrounding European landscape. Since each client has unique needs, the degree to which an administrator will be involved in the business plan will vary. However, each client will retain the services initially to provide support in implementing the key elements of the business or personal wealth strategy.

Administrative assistance may include:

  • Liaison office
  • Swift, Euroclear and Clear Stream processing
  • Opening of correspondent accounts
  • Establishment of institutional relationships
  • Tax advice
  • Record maintenance
  • Transaction accounting
  • Financial accounting statements
  • Nominees
  • Telephone services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Information dissemination and controls
  • Public relations